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Journalist and Filmmaker
with 10 years of experience working for, among others:

First of all – If you speak German, please read the German version of this cause I’m flexin harder there. Also, I’m too lazy to keep translating and adding my bad jokes everytime I think of new ones (which is constantly).

Haters say I’m a Muslim, feminazi refugee islamizing the fake news-media at CNN, ARD and Deutsche Welle… They’re right.

Documentaries, street art, museum exhibitions, data journalism: I’ve already done lots of things in order to tell important stories. And I’ve got 10 years experience doing so.

During the genocide against Bosniaks, I grew up in Germany’s cosiest refugee camp (by “cozy” I mean it was a damn aluminum container), until I was forced to go “back” to a country I didn’t even know – Bosnia. In the ruins of Sarajevo, I studied Journalism and filled my adrenalin addiction through adventurous trips to exotic destinations such as Bonn, Potsdam and Berlin – at Deutsche Welle, the Electronic Media School and the Parliament of Germany (know your enemy). Despite a successful career in Bosnian media, I decided to return to Germany in 2015 – after almost 20 years in Bosnia.

Here, I continued working as a journalist, became a columnist, founded “Perspective Collective” – a collective of journalists that are refugees and/or POC. Now I’m building a media startup in Bosnia and working on two documentaries.

In my spare time, I go skydiving, play in a punk band, give myself tattoos and invent lies about my spare time. In other words: I sit at home with Chips and Netflix. So give me some work.

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